STEP in, STEP up, STEP Out!


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  • Take responsibility for your inner landscape

  • Expand your consciousness and shift your paradigms

  • Create an new inner reality to reflect a new outer reality

  • Release sabotaging patterns and support your success

During this eight week program, Barbara will coach you to feel more confident, more empowered, and more connected to your true self. You will learn how to experience less fear, less anxiety, and less doubt as you release old patterns that want to sabotage your success.  You will feel more aligned with your joy, your wellbeing, and your value as you learn how to focus your desires and take action toward achieving your personal, professional, and financial goals.  Isn't it time to shift your inner landscape and create a new outer reality?
Eight sessions



  • Tap into your greatest vision of your life

  • Release limiting belief systems

  • Change unproductive habits

  • Contact your Divine Self

  • Become a Deliberate Creator

As well as incorporating the tools from Tier Level I, you will start to transform on an inner core level and become a deliberate creator in your life. Experience more ease, more grace, and more awareness of your value. Begin to align with your truth and change unproductive habits and patterns into life affirming ones. Learn about the power of intention and how to change your outer reality to reflect your highest true value. Understand how resistance is an agent for change so that you can take inspired action towards your true path.
Twelve Sessions


STEP OUT: Journey to Truth

  • Identify the power within you

  • Expand your success and share your gifts

  • Know your value and move past fear

  • Align with your truth and get out of the way

  • Achieve inner harmony and align with your vision

  • Connect with your Future Self and live your life on purpose

As well as incorporating the tools from Tier Level I & II, learn how to increase your confidence and your abundance so that you can share your gifts with the world. Consciously align with your core values and witness amazing results in your relationships, your health, as well as your personal and professional life. Connect with your future self, and experience an overall sense of inner harmony, peace, and heartfelt joy as you learn to align with your soul’s truth. Begin to share yourself, your message, and your expertise to groups, workshops, seminars, and/or speaking events. Learn to embrace yourself as an agent of change. Isn’t it time to get out of the way so that you can stop postponing your life and your dreams? It’s time to Step In, Step Up, & Step Out!
Eighteen sessions over six months


To schedule an initial consultation to see which Tier is right for you, call Barbara at 818-761-8377 or email her at Barbara (at) BarbaraDaoust (dot) com.





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