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Dr. Bruce Daggy, Senior VP
“I had significant experience with public speaking before working with Barbara; but like many technical folks, my delivery tended to be flat. I was requiring my ideas to carry the message without the power of connecting emotionally with my audience. Barbara’s guidance quickly raised the effectiveness of my communication. She helped me adjust my mindset, body language, vocalization, and backstage preparation to enhance my delivery. I received two standing ovations on my first speaking engagement after working with Barbara. I only wish I had the benefit of this training years before.”

Global TRuth CEnter

Reverend James Mellon

"Barbara Daoust speaks from the heart with integrity, authenticity and wisdom. She touches the soul from a very personal place of love and understanding. She is a beautiful revelation of healing energy."


Sheryl Lynn, Founder

Barbara Daoust was the Keynote Speaker at our June Monthly corporate gathering where we brought in Women In Business Nominees to celebrate extrodinary achievement and success in business. Barbara's topic was real, relevant and very well received. As the event was filled to capacity, all were patient and lingered long after the event was over to talk with Barbara and tap into her wisdom. Our guests are still raving about the experience they had and the professional way Barbara answered each question was sincere and meaningful.




Mary Winners, Senior Living Consultant  
"Working with Barbara allowed me to grow into a leading expert in my field of Gerontology and Geriatric Care Management. It didn’t happen overnight, good things take time to cultivate. My business has grown by leaps and bounds. I am presenting at State and National Conferences, presenting on The Nightly News and The Today Show, and am a Board of Advisor to KCET-Your Turn to Care–the list is plentiful. I have been able to get out of my own way and allow my purpose to take the front seat with Barbara’s thought provoking direction as my navigator."


"Working with Barbara has changed my life. Changed my life! I was stuck in old habits and beliefs. Barbara helped me see how I was holding myself back. She gave me the tools to move forward into success and happiness. I am forever grateful to her, her love, compassion and support. "


Financial Planning Expert, Southern California.



Christian Donahue, Solutions Architect

"I increased my quarterly sales by 170% during the three months that I participated in "Thinking into Results". The difference that this program made in my personal and professional life, far exceeded my expectations.  I highly recommend this program if you want to change habits, patterns and programs that are getting in the way of achieving the success that you want in your life. Barbara is a master at delivering this peak performance program and inspires you to get out of the way!" 



Kristine Putt, Branding design

I first had the pleasure of hearing Barbara speak at an event. I could immediately see there was something very special about her style and approach. Barbara goes far beyond the "warm and fuzzy" feelings most coaches adopt to deliver, but stop short at. While she is gentle, personable and compassionate, she's also knowledgeable and incredibly perceptive. Drawing on scientific research and evidence, Barbara provides actual tools and tactile methods - homework, so to speak - which help her Clients to create the much-needed foundation for a more loving, abundant and fruitful life. Her book, True Love True Self, and her self-designed pendant - the Affirmation Vessel, which I wear EVERY DAY! - are two very unique tools in her transformation kit. Additionally, Barbara provides you with long-term and sustainable methods, not merely the temporary "high" you might find with many coaches. I highly recommend Barbara Daoust as a coach, speaker and educator. She's truly an inspiring soul, and I'm blessed and honored to consider her a friend in my life journey!

"I worked with Barbara for 16 weeks over the phone, and it has been the most amazing experience of my life. Barbara taught me the true power of my thoughts and words, how to recognize when I was getting in my own way, how to be clear in asking for what I want and how I want it, understanding my patterns and beliefs and learning how to rewrite them, and so much more. As a result, there has been a transformation in me on a cellular level. I look forward to challenges instead of feeling overwhelmed, I am self expressive without any fear of being a burden or stepping out of line. I respect myself, and in turn I respect others."


Amanda Khatib

"Barbara Daoust is an energetic alchemist. I have experienced transformation from my old habits of procrastination, into enthusiastic, motivated action. I now feel I am moving faster than ever, into my dreams. She is a phenomenal coach, her energy and skills transform. Barbara Rocks!"




Your “Create Your Future” workshop was a Godsend! Barbara, you were the catalyst that propelled me into the burning desire and gave me the tools I needed to finish the revision of my original book and to claim my chosen mission in this world. After the workshop…miracles started happening and I see more in the future.


Kay Lewis, Author of Funeral Etiquette

"Working with Barbara has changed me more in 16 weeks than years of therapy. I had been emotionally crippled by codependency and PTSD from an extremely abusive childhood, and didn’t know it for 58 years. When I finally learned that I had PTSD, getting myself back from an episode was a monumental task, and previously always required outside help. Since working with Barbara, I have tools that prevent me from having many episodes, and when I do have an episode, I am able to get myself out of it quickly. Living consciously has allowed me to identify the various scenarios that compose the traumatic flashbacks. This has removed the panic that surrounded me during an episode. I am truly grateful. I am experiencing liberation on levels I never dreamed of."


Dr.Barbara von Mettenheim, CISSP

"I have worked with Barbara since 10-10-10 and taken a couple of her tele-classes. This is what I can say – my entire life has changed! Her processes, teachings and love for her work has transformed me and taken me to where I always wanted to be, but did not know how to get there. Emotionally, spiritually, physically – all changed. I have studied metaphysics for over 20 years and this was the piece I was missing. Thank you Barbara!"


Dee Baldus,Actor with a Cause

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