"We become what we think about." Earl Nightingale
Learn to take your deepest desires and make them a reality by developing the faculties of your 
mind. Watch the gap close between you and your results.  Say goodbye to procrastination and
self-sabotage, say hello to success!  Learn to win and expect it.  Say "Yes" to "Thinking into Results" .
Thinking into Results
Program for Leaders 


Individuals, entrepreneurs, executives and corporations are limiting their success, their growth and their productivity by not accessing the untapped resources that are at their fingertips. Once these resources are discovered and put into use, the result leads to more productivity, more growth, and increased revenue. It is my guarantee that you will experience sustained personal growth and business improvement within a matter of weeks.

Using "Thinking Into Results" tools for business coaching or executive coaching, we'll quickly identify the root cause of poor performance, fears, and limitations so that each individual will grow more confident to achieve amazing outcomes. We will explore the unconscious habits and patterns that create stagnation in people. Results will automatically improve when people begin to think. Together we create the results you’ve always wanted.












The Benefits:

  • You will draw the best out of yourself and your people, your biggest untapped resource

  • You will understand the difference between what you know and what you do – just knowing something doesn’t get results

  • You will learn how to 'Think Into Results'

  • You will learn how to use the power of your mind to get what you want

  • You will understand how margins drop and how to prevent it

  • You will enjoy higher revenues and profits

  • You will learn to identify opportunities in a weak economy and achieve your goals

  • You will find out how to control costs without sacrificing quality

  • You will dramatically improve results, organisational culture and customer loyalty/retention

  • You will learn how to improve results with less effort and in a shorter period of time


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Your Greatest Self.


"Thinking into Results" is tailored to meet your personal growth or business success objectives. Learn how to set and achieve goals that will sustain lasting business growth. In just a matter of weeks, you will begin to see dramatic changes in your results and how you think. 


If you would like to learn more about "Thinking into Results" Program for Leaders" please contact me and we'll schedule a complimentary discovery session. As a certified facilitator with Bob Proctor's Life Success Productions, I intend to empower you to create the success you want to see in your life. The time is now.






stop talkin'



Barbara Daoust

"Working with Barbara allowed me to grow into a leading expert in my field of Gerontology and Geriatric Care Management.  My business has grown by leaps and bounds. I am presenting at State and National Conferences, presenting on The Nightly News and The Today Show, and am a Board of Advisor to KCET-Your Turn to Care–the list is plentiful. I have been able to get out of my own way and allow my purpose to take the front seat with Barbara’s thought provoking direction as my navigator."

-Mary Winners
About Senior Solutions



"Barbara, you were the catalyst that propelled me into the burning desire and gave me the tools I needed to finish the revision of my original book and to claim my chosen mission in this world. After the workshop…miracles started happening and I see more in the future."


-Kay Lewis

Author of Funeral Etiquette

“Barbara Daoust’s incredible insights and her almost supernatural gift for expressing those insights, has been the most astonishing launching pad for my company. Barbara guided me to  a super-clear vision, born from one already fused with passion. She then took all that passion and literally charted it with me. She is an immensely gifted tactician and a soulful navigator of not only the soul’s terrain but the lay of our actual land, forging for me a dual landscape of both my dreams and their practical life here on Earth.” 


-Sara Moore
Producing Artistic Director, Thrillride Mechanics


"Working with Barbara has changed my life.  Changed my life!  I was stuck in old habits and beliefs.  Barbara helped me see how I was holding myself back. She gave me the tools to move forward into success and happiness.  I am forever grateful to her, her love, compassion and support."


– Financial Planning Expert

Southern California




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