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“I believe that everyone – CEO’s, leaders, and entrepreneurs  –
can achieve personal and professional success beyond their imaginations. I help people to expand and embrace a bigger version of themselves by showing them how to get results.”
~ Barbara Daoust, Author, Speaker, Coach

 Are you an entrepreneur, leader or high achieving individual ready to achieve greater success and big results?

Then let me show you how to design specific strategies to help you create personal and professional success.

If you want...
  • to grow your business, and improve your leadership.

  • improve your company’s bottom line and productivity

  • shift your company’s corporate image & help people adapt to change

  • an answer to procrastination, lack of motivation, and inferior results

  • to identify sabotaging patterns, limited mindsets, and belief systems that are holding you back…

Then join me as I show you how to shift your thinking into results that will inspire you to break through barriers that will astound you! Let me show you how to sky-rocket your success by using Universal Laws shared by Napoleon Hill and Bob Proctor. I have helped so many clients transform their lives. Change is possible, change is necessary, change is inevitable…we are either creating or disintegrating.













"Working with Barbara has changed my life. Changed my life! I was stuck in old habits and beliefs. Barbara helped me see how I was holding myself back. She gave me the tools to move forward into success and happiness. I am forever grateful to her, her love, compassion and support."


~ Financial Planning Expert, Southern California.

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"True Love True Self captures your heart, touches your soul, and inspires you to have hope, courage and strength in the midst of life's greatest challenges.  An inspirational work of encouragement for anyone."

Les Brown 


Motivational Speaker, Author, and TV Personality


stop talkin'




Barbara Daoust

The Speaker

I have spoken on various subjects including leadership, business growth, and personal growth. I share tools and techniques using the Universal principles that Napoleon Hill talks about, to create success. I am passionate about helping entrepreneurs, leaders and high achieving individuals how to achieve results that break through barriers. I am considered both a motivational speaker and a business speaker.



The Workshop Leader

I lead workshops for entrepreneurs, business owners, corporate managers, sales teams, and individuals who need to play a bigger game and improve results. I offer trainings, presentations, workshops, and seminars focused on improving the bottom line, increased sales, corporate culture and paradigms, change management, productivity and sustainability.

The Educator

After twenty-five years in the entertainment business as a producer, writer, director, and acting coach, I have the ability to pull performance out of all kinds of people. As a speaker coach, my clients learn how to present with ease, confidence, and style. I teach tele-seminars and facilitate “Thinking into Results: Program for Leaders” as a consultant with Bob Proctor’s Life Success Productions. This is a peak performance program that shows leaders, entrepreneurs, executives, sales teams, and individuals how to close the gap between what they want and their results.




SHAKLEE Corporation, INC.

Dr. Bruce Daggy, Senior VP


“I had significant experience with public speaking before working with Barbara; but like many technical folks, my delivery tended to be flat. I was requiring my ideas to carry the message without the power of connecting emotionally with my audience. Barbara’s guidance quickly raised the effectiveness of my communication. She helped me adjust my mindset, body language, vocalization, and backstage preparation to enhance my delivery. I received two standing ovations on my first speaking engagement after working with Barbara. I only wish I had the benefit of this training years before.”




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